Monday, May 22, 2006


Marcus Lamb: “There are at least 5 people, business’ or ministries that need to sow that $10,000 seed. That $10,000 seed is a supernatural seed! And there’s attached to it some kind of supernatural provision!”
Bill Winston: “A miracle. Mm, Hm.”
(Bill Winston and Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Spring Share-A-Thon,” March 11, 2005)

“And God is saying, ‘Move today.’ It could be that you need a new house! It could be that you need a better car! It could be that you need a promotion on the job…It could be that you’ve been praying for that son to get saved…You’ve been praying that God would restore your marriage…I say to you today, ‘Don’t just throw your seed. Sow your seed!’ There is a difference. You can call up today and make a pledge and that’s great! And I say, ‘God bless you.’ But if you don’t have an intended purpose for that seed then all you did is throw that seed instead of sow that seed.”
(Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Spring Share-A-Thon,” March 11, 2005)

“But today there are at least 70 of you listening to me and you need a miracle! You need a breakthrough! You need an answer to prayer! You need to know the will of God for your life. You need God to do something for your business. Or you need God to do something amongst your children or in your marriage. I don’t know which one of those things that is for you, but I just know that one of those areas is what is going to click in your heart and you’re going to know that’s what you’re tying your faith to. That’s what you’re going to be targeting your gift [$1,000] for.”
(Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Spring Share-A-Thon,” March 7, 2005)

“Mike, [Mike Murdock] I, I, really sense the Lord saying to me that, ‘There are churches, there are ministers and there are business people that this $8,500 seed is going to connect you to a million dollar plus decision. A million dollar plus opportunity.”
(Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Spring Share-A-Thon,” February 28, 2005)

Marcus Lamb: “If you’re one of those three people that the Lord spoke through me moments ago about a million dollar gift. Whether you’re that professional athlete, whether you’re that successful businessman or whether you’re that woman that has been blessed. You do what the Lord is telling you to do. Because, when God speaks about a significant seed, He has a significant miracle on His mind.”
Jaunita Bynum: “Yes!”
Marcus Lamb: “God doesn’t play games! And that’s serious business when you start talking about levels like that.”
Jaunita Bynum: “That’s Right!”
Marcus Lamb: “That’s because God has a significant miracle on His mind
(Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Fall Share-A-Thon,” September 21, 2004)

“Well, the Glory of God is here! Now it’s time to get up and go to the phone and target your need with your giving! And God will honor it.”
(Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Fall Share-A-Thon,” September 23, 2004)

“That’s what God brought alive in my spirit. He said, ‘Son, ask for 70 people, at least 70 people that in the next 30 minutes will pledge $1,000 towards the worldwide outreach of Daystar…I believe that God is saying that the same thing that He did with the 70 in Luke chapter 10 [Luke 10:17] that He’s going to do for you!”
(Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Spring Share-A-Thon,” March 7, 2005)

“There’s at least a special group of 70 people watching this very moment that the Lord is going to stir up in your heart. And He’s going to say, ‘Be one of the 70. Become one of the 70 and the same blessing that I placed on the 70 in the New Testament,’ the Lord is saying, ‘I’m going to place upon you.’ You may not have given $1,000 before, or you may have done it several times. But, if the Lord is placing this upon your heart, then you need to go to the phone and say, ‘I’m going to be one of the 70!’”
(Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Spring Share-A-Thon,” March 7, 2005)

so we now see that Marcus Lamb is saying if you give $1,000 to Daystar that you willhave the same anointing as the 70 - but you have to purchase it, if you dont pay you dont get...........UTTER BLASPHEMY

“And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name. And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you,” Luke 10:17-19.“Women are more sensitive to the Holy Spirit without question!”
(Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Spring Share-A-Thon,” March 7, 2005)

“I want us to put up the address on the screen. As I say so often to you, ‘The sooner you get your seed into the ground, the sooner your harvest will come.”
(Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Fall Share-A-Thon,” September 23, 2004)

“I can tell you this for many people who have never done it. It’s a different level of faith. It may seem like something beyond what you are able to do. That’s when you know it’s God. Because, it’s not something that you can just do naturally. It’s not something that you would do in the flesh. It’s not something that you would do of your own accord. It’s a God thing. It’s bigger than you are. That’s why God tests you by going to a level like this. He’s wanting to see if He can trust you. Can He, He’s wanting to see if you can recognize His voice. Can you act uhh, on faith upon what He says? And when you do, God can see that He can trust you with a $1,000 gift then He can see that He’s going to be able to intrust you with so much more. But if He can’t trust you to give $1,000, how can He trust you to receive $100,000 or $250,000. It’s a trust thing. It’s a test.”
(Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Fall Share-A-Thon,” September 14, 2004)

“Dr. Murdock , I need to have all the Daystar staff that aren’t just doing something critically important to go and get on the phones. Cause all the phones are jammed. We want to be able to accommodate the people. This is a special move of God. And while the anointing here is so strong we want the people to get in on this. $1,000 is not going to change the destiny of Daystar. But, $1,000 could change your destiny! It could change your life, your family, your future, your business, your ministry. And I don’t want to see you miss out on this. Because I know that several times when Joni and I personally have given from this level what has happened. God has just supernaturally blessed…We’re going to send you Dr. Murdock’s book. Reading the book will be a continual blessing.”
(Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Fall Share-A-Thon,” September 14, 2004)

Jesse Duplantis: “People told me, ‘Well, they say, Jesus was poor.’ When was He poor? I would like to know when He was poor. Well, He was born in a stable. Why? Why was He born in a stable? Because that short, deaf lady lost their reservation. He couldn’t get into the inn. Think about that for a minute…And He had 12 full time people on His staff. Some were married and He took care of them. He had 70 part timers. You don’t gamble for rags Marcus [Lamb].”
Marcus Lamb: “Yeah.”
Jesse Duplantis: “You don’t gamble for rags. You gamble for some clothes that cost. Don’t you? He wanted a donkey that had never been rode. As I said earlier, ‘You might want a car that has never been drove.’”
Marcus Lamb: “He had a full time treasurer on staff.”
Jesse Duplantis: “That’s right! And stole for three years and the other guys didn’t know about it.”
Joni Lamb: “And wise men came to see Him.”
Jesse Duplantis: “That’s right! I mean He wasn’t three minutes on the ground and the three wise guys are looking for Him with what? Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Let me tell you something, this concept that Jesus was in poverty is totally wrong!”
(Jesse Duplantis, Marcus Lamb, and Joni Lamb, Daystar Fall, “Share-A-Thon,” September 15, 2004)

Joni Lamb: “You know, Daystar is a network that believes in miracles and, uh, some time ago we had to remove a program because, um, we had a programmer who was teaching that miracles were not for today.”
Darlene Bishop: “Oh, my Lord!”
Joni Lamb: “And that they…”
Marcus Lamb: “That they ceased with the days of the apostles.”
Joni Lamb: “That they ceased with the days of the apostles. And so, you know we contacted this ministry and said, ‘That this doesn’t line up with what Daystar believes.”
Darlene Bishop: “Thank God!”
(Joni Lamb, Darlene Bishop, Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Spring Share-A-Thon” March 7, 2005)

But Daystar are fine with supporting T D Jakes and Tommy Tenney who believe in the damnable oneness heresy denying the trinity.

Larry Huch: “Jesus wasn’t poor! Jesus wasn’t poor! Never was poor! ‘No, He was born in a manger.’ Yeah, He may have been born in a manger but before they went to the manger Mary and Joseph went to the Hilton to get a room! And either Mary and Joseph were going to before dawn sneak out the window and steal all the soap all the shampoo and all the towels or they had money to go to the inn and pay for the inn…When Jesus was walking with His disciples the Bible said, ‘There were 5,000 men plus women and children.’ So, let’s say 15,000, right? 5,000 men, 5,000 women [unintelligible]. And the disciples came to Jesus and they said, ‘They’re hungry.’ And Jesus said, ‘You feed them.’ What did they say? ‘Should we go and buy?’ In other words, Jesus had enough money on Him to buy lunch for 5,000 families that were hungry and hadn’t eaten all day long! No credit card. Cash!”
Marcus Lamb: “Plus, He had a treasurer as a part of His ministry. Why would He have a full time treasurer if He didn’t have any money?”
Larry Huch: “…Plus Judas has been stealing out of the bag. You know, and I tell the churches all this to break that curse of poverty, ‘If there was only a buck fifty [$1.50] in the bag,’ Okay, you’re the treasurer with the buck fifty. If Judas stole the quarter when they went to get bread, ‘Hey! where’s the quarter?’ No! There was more than enough in there that Judas was stealing from Jesus, he had to be able to steal thinking nobody would notice it.”
Joni Lamb: :”What about the robe that they cast lots for?”
Larry Huch: “Seamless! It was not K-Mart clothes! It was designer!…You’re thinking about Jesus being a wealthy person…Jesus could bring a gold coin out of a fishes mouth!”
(Larry Huch, Marcus and Joni Lamb, “Daystar Spring Share-A-Thon, March 9, 2005)

Larry Huch: “If you’re pregnant you need to call in and break every family curse off your baby before it’s ever born!”
Marcus Lamb: “Yes! That’s good!”
(Larry Huch and Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Spring Share-A-Thon, March 9, 2005)

Bill Winston: “We can sow a seed for our children’s tuition.”
Marcus Lamb: “Yes!”
Bill Winston: “We can sow a seed for a marriage to come back together. We can sow a seed for a loved one to come into the Kingdom of God. There’s so many things right now that we can sow a seed for.”
Marcus Lamb: “Oh, Yes!”
Bill Winston: “And I have a feeling that God is putting it on peoples hearts right now. This debt cancellation is on me right now for some people to get out of debt.”
(Bill Winston and Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Spring Share-A-Thon,” March 11, 2005)

Bill Winston: “That’s why God has given us this privilege of sowing a seed.”
Marcus Lamb: “Yesss!”
Bill Winston: “So that we can come out of financial captivity!”
Marcus Lamb: “That’s right!”
Bill Winston: “And people are in captivity right now financially and God has put a system in place called ‘Sowing and Reaping” so that we can get out.”
Marcus Lamb: “Well, I want you to go to the phone, and I want you to call.”
(Bill Winston and Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Spring Share-A-Thon,” March 11, 2005)

“I believe that there is a 100 fold anointing in God’s Word. I believe it’s on Jesse Duplantis’ life. And I believe that anointing is in here in the studio today…If you’d like to get your pledge in and for us to agree with you for the 100 fold anointing to come in on your life. Whether it’s in health, finances, relationships…”
(Marcus Lamb, Daystar Fall, “Share-A-Thon,” September 15, 2004)


Anon_E_Moose said...

Re: Marcus and Joni Lamb

Your posts are accurate, Test All Things, and, by their own words, Marcus Lamb and the others clearly demonstrate what a bunch of false prophets and shameless liars and con men that they are, especially during their insipid "Shar-a-thon" (mooching marathon) and at other times. They're nothing more than "God muggers" who very loosely refer to scriptures in order to prey on the hopes, problems, weaknesses, and gullibility of viewers.

The Feds should wake up to the fact that they actually proffer a God Ponzi Scheme by claiming and averring that one can "sow" $1,000 and get back up to $250,000 "from God". Hmm ... if that was actually true then one could quickly work out a nice retirement program for oneself.

This year they've brought back their heavy hitters (best Snake Oil men) for their Spring Beg-a-thon too, well known as "top fund raisers" (shakedown artists). There's Mesmerist Murdoch who will say absolutely anything to sucker in donations and "love gifts". A "miracle" occurs every time he's on the show because it's a "miracle" that he can drag his saggy baggy butt away from the mirror long enough. Also, Steve Munsey alternately preaching calmly and then ranting and raving like Billy Graham on meth. Can't leave out bipolar Juanita Bynum who looks as if she just escaped from some asylum and always seems one step away from seducing the cameraman. And then there's former (so said) drug addict Larry Huch who, like the others, can twist scriptures into tools for mooching without a hint of a conscience. Someone should tell his wife that her makeup and rooster hair style makes her look like a dyke or an over-the-hill porn star. Can't overlook designated house boy/yes man Bill Winston either who, like Bynum, captures the attention of a certain ethnic portion of the audience. All in all, what a dog and pony show, all using religion and God to rake in millions for themselves annually.

"God's Little Lamb", Marcus (his term) and his rotund wife Joni have amassed considerable wealth and quite an empire for themselves, all based on one repetitious and simple message to viewers that boils down to this: "God loves you and will fix it, send money". That message has worked so successfully that almost all televangelists use it. Shameless and without any true respect for the Creator, or any fear of what will come due to their abuse of scriptures and sins of falsely prophesizing. The Lambs even drag in their three yuppy guppies (kids) into the masquerade (pads the payroll?)

A comment about the Daystar Singers. They must get paid a lot to be so .... well, you know, "well fed". Psst, I'll bet that Joni lip syncs more than she actually sings, but doesn't she look so "inspirational" staring up at the ceiling and smiling sacrosanctly as she "sings".

Opposing opinions are welcome but please alow me let me say ahead of time: "same to you".

lori sasser said...

Marcus Lamb is an out and out liar! It's no wonder non-believers want nothing to do with so-called Christianity when false prophets bilking people out of their money in God's name are all they see.

Anonymous said...

Its all about money that these pastors need.our world has been filled with evil.pastors and prophets are stealing from our pockets taking advantage of the financial crisis,they want to mek us blv wen we gv it wl rtn a 1000 fold.the love of money has dstroyed real Christianity