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"Don't leave me now ... just hang in there ... we'll get to the good stuff soon"
(stopping to speak of the "anointing" every so often while teaching from Scripture.) (Revival ... or Satanic Counterfeit?, Jimmy Robbins, 1996)

"If you must analyze, then look at me, look at the musicians and singers, look at the congregation, look at the person to the left of you and to the right of you, and just analyze, analyze, analyze get it out of your system. Now let yourselves go: don't even think about what you are doing, forget about those around you and what they are doing. Release your mind release your spirit and let the mighty river of the "Holy Ghost" take you wherever He wants you to go."
(Revival ... or Satanic Counterfeit?, Jimmy Robbins, 1996)

"Don't analyze this "move of God", and you had better receive it if you don't want a stamp of disapproval from Jesus."
(Neal & Darlenn H visit to Brownsville AOG., 2/19/97)

"In these latter days preaching and simply teaching the word is no longer sufficient, the Spirit has to get involved, through signs and wonders due to much sin that abounds."
(What We Saw, Robert C. Gray, 12/14/96)

Steve Hill was very upset when he came to the pulpit to preach that night. He said that he had to get something said before he could preach. Then he talked about the "FBI," which he defined as the "Fault-finding Brothers International." He spoke so arrogantly about anyone questioning this "move of God".
(The End Times and Victorious Living, March/April 1997, Vol. 11 No. 2, page 14.)

Did you know, friend, there are people that talk about the revival and sway people away from the revival that are going to stand on judgment day-they're going to stand on judgment day for their blindness. The blind leading the blind! There are people that want to get saved at the Brownsville Revival. They wanted to get saved tonight! But before they got out the door, some blind guide got ahold of them and said, "You don't need to go over there; God can touch you right here."
Hill, White Cane Religion, video

Steve Hill, an Assemblies of God evangelist and chief speaker of the revival often pretends he's across Florida at Cape Canaveral: "You've got 20 seconds to come down!" Hill yells. "Come on down! Make up your mind! Who are you going to serve? Come on down! Eight seconds! Six, five, four, three. Come on! Yes, Lord!"
Quoted by Carlson, Washington Post, Sunday, April 27, 1997, p. F01

Now let yourselves go: don't even think about what you are doing, forget about those around you and what they are doing. Release your mind release your spirit and let the mighty river of the Holy Ghost take you wherever He wants you to go.
"Revival ... or Satanic Counterfeit?" - Jimmy Robbins 1996.

"Don't analyze this "move of God", and you had better receive it if you don't want a stamp of disapproval from Jesus."
(Neal & Darlenn H visit to Brownsville AOG., 2/19/97)

"When you ridicule those whose bodies are twitching or shaking under the influence of God's glory, beware! Have you forgotten that God's Word and the annals of Church history are filled with the supernatural dealings of our supernatural God?" God does deal with his creatures supernaturally, but God's Word is silent about God ever sending His Holy Spirit to produce these types of manifestations, except in judgment, and certainly not as a blessing or by laying on of hands. Church history is full of stories of these manifestations which have been roundly dismissed as unbiblical and demonic by former church leaders such as Edwards, Spurgeon, Tozer and many others.
(Stephen Hill, The God Mockers, chapter 1, 1997 with comment by Deception In The Church)


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure as to why you would post this in the year 2006. According to your site, every major evangelist out there is a false prophet. Who do you think is from God? What if I had every one of the words you'd spoken over the last 5 years and cut/pasted them on a blog. Would you be 100% Biblically correct? I know Steve Hill and I know that he is a man of God.

Jesus' boy said...

The fact is Steve Hill is an arminian - therefore he teaches a false gospel of man saves himself using his apparent free will - this ALONE puts Steve Hill in the false teacher category, also he has never repented of the quotes put on this site. They are not past mistakes but what he still in the year 2006 firmly believes.

If he was a man of God as you say then he would preach and believe the true gospel - Steve Hill's gospel is a man made works gospel where if you fall back after a free will prayer you then lose your salvation and have to say another free will prayer to regain your salvation - this is Heresy.

Yes every(99% atleast) of tv evangelists preach a false gospel that has no power to save therefore they are all apostate wolves.

I believe that the person who remains true and obedient to the word of God and believes and teaches the true gospel of grace is of God - God elected a people for himself before the foundation of the world and Jesus came to save them and 100% of the elect will be saved.


I was in a cult that was called the Church of Bible Understanding.This caused me great personal and family problems. The leader Stewart Trail had let the rummor be spread that he was Elijah. He was an arminian in his thinking. We lived communally toghether and Jesus was praised and Honored but Stewart once he had gotten tax exempt status for the Church changed. He turned on the older brothers and sisters and said that they all needed to come to the promised school for retraining because they had lost their first love. We all believed that the school would be a wonderful place were we could learn the good word of God. I personally left and came back many times..I backslide, why because of my flesh and because of Stewarts rigid theology of Arminian heresy. I tried desparately to serve and be faithful to Jesus in the Flesh. I was born again, spoke in tongues, had the gift of prophecy and had seen a manifest presence of the peace of God. But Stewart's emphasis like all Arminians is not to focus on Jesus as Lord and belive in him alone for our salvation i.e. that he promised to cleanse us of all iniquity... Sometimes that takes time...but most of all it takes genuine faith in Christ, and beliving that he was raised from the dead and that he was regardless of what anyone says. Christ alone is our hope. He is the master that cleanses the temple, he alone can change your life you must look to him and not to yourself. Jesus said, My sheep know my voice and are called by my name. True love of Christ does not come from anything that we do, because he loved us first.Your salvation is due to his work on the cross and not your obedience to whatever laws that man puts upon you.I was told that I could never belong to another felllowship or church or I would go to hell. We were never to witness to anyone over thirty. It was made up of a bunch of gulible kids that wanted with all their hearts to serve Jesus. At one point the average age was about 23. Stewart never wanted anyone over thirty because they might question his methods, And what methods he had in mind after you had given up your pride and became his slave. He took all the spread out fellowships up and down the east coast and had all the extra money that we did not need sent to him. You see that what he did was take up the members checks and people got maybe ten dollars a week for personal stuff. Everything was communal he had the power of life and death over the converts...
The school ended up being a couple of run down warehouses that he massed hundreds of kids that made their beds on sleeping bags. No beds. Some of the brothers had started a carpet cleaning business and next thing you know Old Stewart was blessing it saying, See how wonderful this is now you won't have to work in the world anymore." Little did those who started the business know that Stewart would use them as slave labor and work them as long as 48 hours in a day. All this for the glory of God so we belived because we were buying a plane for Steward and starting an orphange mission in Hatti. Needless to say the mission got built and many brothers and sisters that went their said that Stewart continued with his Arminian mind control methods.
What I have finally recognized about Steve Hill after seeing him on TV is that he is an Arminian false gospel teacher. It took me a while because I used to ascribe to this way for years because I was blinded by Satan. Arminian teachers are Harsh on their congregations. They desire absolute devetion. They will not listen to objectivity even with the kindest love you can not tell them something that they were doing or saying did not match up with the Gospel. The get violently mad and run people down and are puffed up with pride because they are whited seplecures and they are full of dead bones because they will not accept the instruction of the Lord because they believe they do not need the sacrifice of Lord to be saved. They belive that Jesus came to show you how to just say yes to God without deviation, and without sin. You shall never sin because you will become so instilled with Fear from them that they will beat you, you unruly sheep, they will lambast you, they will not rebuke you with love but with judgement who they belive has been instilled in them by God because they can not error. Jesus said, If you say that you do not sin you lie. Confess your sins to one another. Jesus did not wash the feet of the disciples with steel wool but gently with love ...some times dirty feet take a little rubbing but not hateful ungodly blasting that most Arminians ascribe too. There way is the only way because the grace of God to them is not his unmerited favor to the elect of God, but the way shown by Jesus to suffer in the flesh and try to serve Christ. This is impossible! Jesus said, Apart from me you can do nothing. Paul said, let no man boast. Your salavation comes from God through Christ alone. You say yes to Jesus because he chose you first. Why or how because he knew before you would choose him after he had choosen you. Some of this sounds very calvinist but the truth is that the faithful of Christ will not continue in their sins because if they look to Jesus they will overcome. The good news of the Gospel is that he died the death on the cross that or sins should be forgiven. And by his example we should forgive all that sin against us in any way. Pray for Steve Hill, the word faith and prosperity teachers, and the new mystic apostacy that is begining to emerge within the church.Pray without ceasing for them. Lord gives us the strength to pray without ceasing for them because they are lost. The sheep follow the good shepherd but the wolves in sheeps clothing have made themselves Amalakite Kings of the world to rule over us. The Pastor is supposed to be the least in this world and be a servant of the congregation to point them to Jesus and Jesus alone for their salvation. Lift the sheep up to heaven! But Arminians do little of this because they by beliving they are perfect themselves make everyone live up to their bogus standards as they are seen in the light of day, what they do in darkness is another matter. Therefore brothers and sisters avoid them, avoid anyone that tells you that your salvation is dependant on your works. Your works will come with continued faith in Jesus because you will be filled with love and the work that he started in you he will be faithful to finish. What happended to mean old beat you over the head with your sins Stewart Trail, he is still around, In 1989(long after I had left the church for good) he had a grace meeting. Why? because Old Stewart had been caught at one of the fellowships groaping to young sisters and others came forward confessing truthfully that he had asked them about their sexual fantasies and if they wanted to become his half wife. Needless to say most of the old die hards left a church that at one time had as boasted as many as 10,000 members to about 80 brainwashed members and the mission in Hatti. Pray for men such as these because the sheep that follow them will be received by Jesus but the Sheepherds of the flock that beat and fleece the sheep will not unless by chance they are awoken from their slumber,because they error aside from the truth. Without Jesus their is no forgiveness of sin regardless of how good of a person you are.. The Lord said, My ways are not your ways and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts.God is love. Perfect love cast out all fear.