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Darwin Fish Bumps Head - Accidentally Declares Himself to be a "Wolf"


It was a week filled with trouble for Darwin Fish. The founder of "God's Word Fellowship" seen by many as a "cult," surrounded himself with problems last week after a fall that left him unconscious for several minutes. Fish is notorious for his controversial view that his church alone is the only known church in the world today (or ever that he knows of) that teaches the truth. Furthermore Fish continually engages in "exposing" and protesting mainstream Christian leaders both past and present as what he calls "Wolves in sheep's clothing." Such targets of his accusations include John MacArthur, Charles Spurgeon and "The Early Church Fathers."

But last week is a week that Fish would like to forget. During a weekly protest Fish lost his balance while stepping off of a curb hitting his head on the pavement. After lying unconscious for about three minutes Fish sat up and went in to what some describe as a "manic tirade."

"It was very bizarre." Said Elizabeth Carrol, an eye-witness. "I've seen Fish around a number of times with his signs and such. I always thought he was just a wacko. But this time he was jumping up and down and running in circles screaming out things about himself."

For approximately ten minutes Fish loudly anathematized himself, declaring "Darwin Fish is really a wolf in sheep's clothing! Don't listen to him! You can't be saved by following his ministry!"

Many of Fish's followers tried desperately to quiet him as he screamed accusations, flailed his arms and pointed at himself shouting, "Fish! Fish! He's the wolf!"

The strange display ended when one of Fish's followers threw a cup of cold water in his face. When told what he had just done, Fish embarrassedly ran and hid himself in his "Fishmobile" while his followers once again began shouting chants against John MacArthur.

Neither Fish nor any member of his church was available for comment this week following the incident, but the answering machine at the church's toll-free number stated that "Darwin Fish is not a wolf, but one of the few chosen who hate every false way."

The below is taken from the cults website.

Question: Can you name any other true believers/teachers in history (outside of the Bible) since the early church (100 AD) until now?

Answer by Darwin Fish:


Question Are you saying that you have to do more than just believe on Christ's death and resurrection to be saved?

Answer by Darwin Fish:


this is what one lady wrote about her son being caught up in the cult of Darwin Fish:

I have heard from the son. He was snagged by this group, (he was only 19) and has since abandoned his wife and baby for the sake of "truth". Darwin Fish's truth, that is. Yes, I have been to this website, read everything on it, plus I've had the "privilege" to listen to a handful of tapes. This group has a mean, hateful attitude and I've heard from my son that they all are quite proud of that fact. During my research into this group, I've made contact with former members and some of their family. They all affirm the observations I've had. This group is extremely judgemental and seem to rejoice in the fact that one day they will get to see the unsaved burning in hell. They will be able to see their families in utter torture and they will laugh. This group serves a hate-filled god. Because man will treat others like the god they serve, they thrive on hateful attitudes and send most of the world to hell. Since my son joined this group, he has put everyone of his family, everyone of his friends, and everyone that knows hell. It's so amazing to me that in this world, in this state, in this one knows the truth except this group. My son practices what he calls being "cunning as a serpent". This is being deceitful without actually telling a lie. I've witnessed this vile behavior a few times; his wife didn't know when to believe him. Because his wife has refused to go with him to this group, he has been able to justify leaving her. She has been called by him and by other men in this group names like; evil, wicked, whore, hater of God, hater of truth...My son has informed me that one of many reasons why I'm going to hell is because I teach young children about God and the bible. He shoots scripture at you like bullets; he's getting better at that technique. Guess they give him alot of practice. I/we love our son very much. We realize he is being fooled and we know he truly desires to follow real truth. This isn't it. Let this serve as a warning to anyone who may come across this group. Do not try and engage them in a debate about God or His Word. They live for the "hunt and kill" and go back with joyous stories of the events. Another notch in their belts! They delight in the attention they receive when they wave their signs, inform people passing by that they are on the way to hell, when security tries to have them move and they can throw up the "free speach" mantra, when the police tell them to stay on the sidewalk... you get the picture. We are saddened by this situation but we know that God is doing His work and we can rest in His promise that NOthing can separate us from the love of God.

quotes from Darwin Fish:

Christianity today? They say they are Christians but they are not. It's the church of the Devil ("Revelation" 9/3/95).

I do not want to be identified with Christianity . . . I want to be identified as being outside of it . . . This next one really sets us apart. It makes me really wonder about the history of Christianity and what is going on today and what is taught. And I'll tell you if you speak against this subject you will be immediately considered a heretic . . . I'm talking about the Trinity . . . The Trinity is never used in the Bible ("For the Record"—part one 6/22/95).

They have placed us to be in error based on historical Christianity, the traditions of men . . . The word Trinity isn't even a Biblical term . . . I find it amazing how they cry heresy, heresy, when you say something about the Trinity when the word is not even found in Scripture . . . If you look in the commentaries you will note that many commentaries believe that the three Holies speak of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit . . . You may find it interesting to note that in the Greek majority text by Hodges and Farstad which depicts the Greek reading of the New Testament according to what is found in the majority of Greek manuscripts Revelation 4:8 has nine Holies . . . We've taken a stand that the church is really a farce . . . It's really a false church. It's really not the true church ("Outside the Camp" 7/27/95)


This is a HOT one! The Bible NEVER uses this term, and typically how
this term is used today, it falls short of what is revealed in the Word of
God about who God is.
It is true that there is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as
God, Matthew 28:19-20. It is true that God is plural in person hood,
Genesis 1:26-27; 11:7-8; Isaiah 48:16.
But, the word that "Christianity" (starting with the early church
fathers and the Catholics) has used to describe Him (i.e. the "Trinity")
falls short in what is revealed in the seven Spirits of God in Revelation.
Please see Revelation 1:4-5; 4:5; 5:6; & Zechariah 4:1-10. There are seven
spirits describing the Holy Spirit clearly portrayed in Scripture.
Typically, these seven are brushed aside by preachers today as the
seven-manifold manifestations of the Holy Spirit (read the commentaries on
the Revelation passages above). If we simply take the Bible for what it
says (take God at His word), we see that the Holy Spirit is described in
Revelation and Zechariah as seven. Just as there is only one God, yet we
have the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (plural in who He is). There is one
Spirit (Ephesians 4:4), yet in describing this one Holy Spirit the Bible
reveals Him to be seven (plural in who He is). This is definitely hard to
understand, but nonetheless this is what the Word reveals (Romans
11:33-36). More on this can be heard on the tapes, Jesus, 100% Man, 100%
God, and For The Record,
Part 1.

and finally a good summary of Darwin's teaching and lifestyle:

Converts to Darwin's cult often become overtly hateful to relatives and friends who express any concerns. According to close family members, the young wife of one convert was told by several men in the cult that she was a "whore, stubborn and going to hell with her baby if she did not move to Fish's church. She did not move. [She] is a young, tiny, woman with a baby. Three or four, counting [her husband], went into her home and took all her furnishings and fridge, and food from fridge, took the firewood outside, and left this girl who has been married only one year with a baby. [She is now living] with her unworking Mom and disabled stepdad, who lives in a one-bedroom unit."

Most cultists typically borrow their errors from historic heresies like Pelagianism, Socinianism, Arianism, and Gnosticism. Darwin seems to be inventing his doctrinal anomalies on the fly. Having already denied the Trinity and remade God in the image of man, Darwin would seem to have no reason to stop reinventing "Christianity." After all, Darwin has already repudiated every preacher and theologian in the history of the church as a "false teacher." That means there are absolutely no doctrinal moorings in his system. Darwin's interpretation of Scripture is subject to no rule but his own whims. So it remains to be seen how far from orthodoxy he will travel.
In the meantime, it is not without significance that Darwin is spending his time trying to justify masturbation, attempting to build a case for polygamy, advocating harsh discipline of children, and continuing to condemn everyone who does not agree with him—while having little or nothing to say about Christ or the gospel. The Fish cult has attracted at least one convicted child molestor, two or more men who have abandoned their wives, and several other men who treat their wives like chattel. The men of the cult boast of their freedom to drink and smoke, while some of them are living in open disobedience to 1 Timothy 5:8. Wives and children are the most pathetic victims of this cult. It has become a fraternity for men who are worse than infidels (1 Timothy 5:8).


Rachel said...

Thank you very much for this. I found his website when I found his page entitled "God Hates Phelps", where he speaks against the WBC, which I agree with, but the rest of the site disgusts me. He's a self-righteous, misogynistic prick, as bad as Fred Phelps. Keep up this great blogging, and God Bless

Anonymous said...

God bless your work to bring out the truth of Darwin Fish. I was looking for info on Phelps and was glad to find this man exposed also. He is a Jim Jones waiting to happen. I remember that day all too well. Pat

Thomas said...

I just stumbled on Darwin's website because a friend sent me a link. Within 30 seconds I could discern that this group is a dangerous cult. Darwin and Fred Phelps of the same hareful ilk