Sunday, June 22, 2008


"Who's the happiest christian preacher out there? I'll give you an example his name is Joel Osteen...He is my christian brother, I do believe that...And I'll tell you what doesn't bother me about the guy. It doesn't bother me that he's got a big church, it doesn't bother me that that he is on the radio, it doesn't bother me that he is on the tv it doesn't bother me that he publishes books, it doesn't even bother me that he is happy all the time because maybe his spiritual gift is encouragement."
(Mark Driscoll - "The Rebel's Guide to Joy")

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Mark Driscoll says that Jesus lusted after women and wanted to sleep with his female disciples.

"If you're tempted to these sorts of things -- including sexual sin -- some of you say, "Now Mark, Jesus wasn't sexually tempted." Well, of course he was -- 30 something year old single man who had women who adored him. You don't think he ever wanted the comfort of a woman? You don't think he ever got tired of going to bed by himself? You don't think that he didn't once want to have intimate relations with a woman? He was tempted."
(Mark Driscoll - “How Human was Jesus?”, October 15th 2006.)

"Could Jesus have Sinned?
While systematic theologians have spilled much ink on this point, the precise biblical answer is that we do not know. The Bible never addresses, much less answers, the question. Some will find this disturbing, but the Bible is clear that humility is the first requirement for a good theologian, so that we can be satisfied with what the God of the universe thinks we need to know."

(Mark Driscoll - "Vintage Jesus" - Could Jesus have sinned? - Page 52)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


"In my own life, I occasionally receive prophetic dreams, where God tells me about people and circumstances in the future that ultimately come to pass just like God said. Occasionally, just a few occasions, I've had God audibly speak to me. As far as I know, I've never been visited by an angel. But I do, and we do believe, in these kinds of supernatural, miraculous ways that God specially reveals."
(Mark Driscoll - Christian Doctrine part 2 - What is Revelation?)

"I started praying to God, "God, I love Grace and I want to marry her. Should she be the girl that I should marry?" I'd never really considered God much in the equation prior to that. And God spoke to me audibly. He doesn't do that all the time. He said to marry Grace, plant churches, train men and preach the Bible. And so I called Grace and said, "Well, God said that we're supposed to get married."

(Mark Driscoll - Christian Doctrine series - Incarnation: God comes - Part 1)

"I was at Washington State when God told me to move back home, start up a family and plant a church in Seattle,"

"Dude, when God speaks to you, it's the sort of thing you're just not going to forget."