Thursday, June 19, 2008


Mark Driscoll says that Jesus lusted after women and wanted to sleep with his female disciples.

"If you're tempted to these sorts of things -- including sexual sin -- some of you say, "Now Mark, Jesus wasn't sexually tempted." Well, of course he was -- 30 something year old single man who had women who adored him. You don't think he ever wanted the comfort of a woman? You don't think he ever got tired of going to bed by himself? You don't think that he didn't once want to have intimate relations with a woman? He was tempted."
(Mark Driscoll - “How Human was Jesus?”, October 15th 2006.)

"Could Jesus have Sinned?
While systematic theologians have spilled much ink on this point, the precise biblical answer is that we do not know. The Bible never addresses, much less answers, the question. Some will find this disturbing, but the Bible is clear that humility is the first requirement for a good theologian, so that we can be satisfied with what the God of the universe thinks we need to know."

(Mark Driscoll - "Vintage Jesus" - Could Jesus have sinned? - Page 52)


Anonymous said...

hi there! i've seen a "excuse tape" from this man that he has excuse people for his "humanaty look" at the bible,so maby you can look to this stuff and write it down so people can see that there are people who turn away from there fals theorie's and give there life back to Jezus AMEN it is posseble!! Wow,go on whit the good work!! I'll pray for you! (sorry for my bad grammar ;-) i'm not englisch hehe

Anonymous said...

What an absolute teabag this Mark Driscoll is!! Does the Bible anywhere say anything that puts in doubt his holiness and perfection? NO! Our Saviour Yahushua was the only perfect one who has ever walked on our Earth, sure MAYBE he might have possibly thought of sex, but He sure as heck most certainly didn't have any! Puh-lease Mark, at least come up with something credible............