Wednesday, March 18, 2009


"So Piper, just be simple a minute, do you believe Jesus died for all people?

Just give us a straight out answer. And I'm not going to play politics, I'm not going to answer another question. I'm going to do this.
Before I answer it, i'm going to force you to define for all people, i'm going to say, now just tell me exactly what you mean and i'll answer you, because I dont want to answer in a way that would cause you to misunderstand.

What do you mean by for all people?

Now I think I know what most, is it okay if I use the word arminians? just, just most people who, who are having a hard time, they're not all arminians, having a hard time with limited atonement. That is the atonement that effects something special for a limited group.

I think I know what they all mean, and i'm going to quote Miller's Erikson's theology because I think he's right. He says:

"God intended the atonement to make salvation possible for all persons. christ died for all persons but this atoning death becomes effective only when accepted by the individual. This is the view of all arminians." closed quote.

If that's the view of all arminians I totally agree with it. No qualifications. So if you say "did christ die for all people" and I say "what do you mean for all people?" and you answer "I mean did he die in such a way so that anybody anywhere who believes will be saved by that blood."
I say "absolutely he did." That's John 3:16 pure and simple. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son in such a way that whoever believes will not perish, I believe that totally without qualification. Every individual person on planet earth who believes in Jesus has their life covered by the blood of Jesus. so you preach that, you stand up on sunday morning and you say christ died in such a way so that anybody in this room who believes, your sins are covered by the blood of Jesus.
(John Piper - Acts 29 conference - The Whole Glory of God - Imputation - Impartation of His righteousness - Part 2)

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